How does it work?


Need a car?
Hire on Rennty!

1. Search for vehicle

Create your account.
Enter your address, and your check-in and check-out dates and times.

  Use our filters (vehicle type, price and options) to refine your search.

2. Book a vehicle

Select one or more cars and send your rental requests..
Confirm your rental by paying directly via our website.

  By getting in touch with 3 owners, you'll maximise your chances of finding an available car.

3. Pick up the vehicle

Meet the owner to start the rental..
Perform the walkaround inspection together and sign the rental agreement.

4. Return the vehicle after the rental

With the owner, update the rental price depending on how much fuel you've used and how far you've travelled..
Sign the rental agreement again.

5. Review the rental

Review the owner and the vehicle at the end of the rental. The owner will also review you..
This helps maintain trust on rennty!


Own a car?
Earn money on Rennty!

1. Register your vehicle

Register for free on the website by creating an account, and publish a rental listing for your car (description, price, photos)...

  Read our tips for successful photos. You'll get more rental requests!

2. Get rental requests

You'll get rental requests based on your availability calendar. .
Accept requests and arrange handover of the keys with the drivers.

  Check out the list of steps to follow once the rental has been accepted.

3. Meet the driver

Meet the driver to hand over the keys and sign the rental agreement on your smartphone (a paper agreement can also be used)..

4. Pick up your vehicle after the rental

During check-out, perform the walkaround inspection and enter the mileage and fuel level together with the driver to update the rental price. Sign the rental agreement again..

5. Review your rental

Review the driver at the end of the rental. And don't forget to remind the driver to review your listing too – this will help you attract new customers..

6. Earn money

You'll be paid by bank transfer within 5 working days of the end of the rental..

Any other questions? We can help!

Take a look at our help centre.

Or contact Customer Service by completing a contact form.

You can also call us: 0808 164 0601 Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 18:00